Our Vision

Business Continuity

Our Vision

Business Continuity

We see a world where every organization is a digital one. Or a digital supported one. We see a world where you need to be digital mature enough to stay in business.

For every business the need – and most practical step forward – can be a different one. On this site we sell ‘easy’ products to increase your cyber resilience. Posters. External testing. No tough specifications, we tailered these white-label products upon maximum value.
Want a personal advice or a presentation? A custom offer can be requested.
You know your business, we help you secure it.” –


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Many organisations struggle with Cyber Security Awareness.
What are the tips to keep in mind? How to keep track in an easy way?
Our posters help people in your organisation to realise where they need to put there attention. It also gets the discussion going on implementation in processes.
The tips on our posters on how to detect phishingmails and how to prevent CEO-fraud.
These posters can optionally be personalised with images of you and/or your own personnel and stakeholders for increased effectiveness of the posters.



How cyber resilient are you and is your business? The matter may seem complex and/or you may not know which questions to ask to your IT provedir.
One of our cyber partners can perform a one-day-scan on-site of your premises. We will look at your IT – preferably with your IT provider present – your main processes and people.
You will get a report especially for your IT environment which contains practical information.



Working for years in the area of cyber security and business continuity; the cyber partners have combined their experience in a structured approach.
This structured approach gives the opportunity for organisations to work on their cyber resilience in a focussed and structured way.
Want to know more?
You can order this approach, the way it is constructed and some examples in the form of a presentation.
Intended as part of a (non-executive) board session.


Do not wait. Formulate.

Guide the discussion in the board in setting KPI’s
Support your internal audit commission
Digital Trust Centre: Cyberchain
Cybercheck your supply chain


Governance on non-financial KPI can be misleading. You need to have a feeling for the topic. With Evelien’s support, we got the right discussion on the table and now know what to ask our internal audit committee.

– Arie Lammertink

I wasn’t sure if we had issues with cybersecurity. My IT assured me there was no need to worry. After we started with the poster campaign, people started to tell each other stories. We do understand each other much better.

– Nina Kokkeler

Being a part of the supply chain of a large company that got hit made me uncertain.
If it can happen to them, it can happen to us too.
What about damages? Our focus has been on the contracts and liquidated damages from and towards our partners.

– Laurens Becher


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